It’s as much about the preparation, conversations amongst friends, and the welcoming atmosphere that is synonymous with Italy, as it is about enjoying a carefully prepared meal. Just as Italian racing marries speed with performance, our passion for preparing fresh, flavourful food is matched by a seamless precision that guarantees fast delivery with no corners cut. This is truly a restaurant where fast meets feast.

Passion for cooking is clearly represented in Veloce’s fine selection of signature dishes made to order. Classics are recreated with a twist, using proven family recipes that combine only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Fresh, delicious, authentic and aromatic ingredients are the foundation of Veloce’s menu offerings, preserving their inherent qualities that define how food should be made.

Our cucina is a vibrant social setting that captivates the senses. Feel the heat of the stone-fired oven roaring to life. Hand tossed pizzas are baked to perfection in our Italian stone-fired oven, where they are artfully attended to, moved and turned with individual care so deserving of the Veloce standard.

The art of cooking and attention to detail is evident through the entire process. Our open kitchen reveals lively sounds, scents and imagery of the chefs hard at work, chopping seasonal herbs, fresh hand-selected vegetables, and gourmet meats. Hear the sizzling sounds of pasta searing and watch as it flips high out of the pan. Enjoy the boisterous banter of the chefs as they rush to meet the demands of the guests, all the while taking time to get the important details just right.